BUSINESS SUMMARY Star Recording, Inc. – or simply, Star Records – was a major diversification move in the evolution of ABS-CBN from a broadcast media to a fully integrated entertainment company. After gaining a solid foothold in film production and distribution (Star Cinema) and merchandising (ABS-CBN Licensing), venturing into the music business was an obvious development. Incorporated in February 1995, Star Records began commercial operations in September of the same year, having signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Sony Music Entertainment, covering the entire country except Metro Manila. Within a few months, the company managed to set up what has become the largest provincial sales and distribution network, with branches in Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and Cagayan de Oro, complemented by a team of sales representatives for Northern, Central and Southern Luzon. RESPONSIBILITIES Position Summary: This person will be in charge of planning and executing promotional efforts for the releases on Tarsier in coordination with Head for Operations and Tarsier’s Promo Team. Duties and Responsibilities: * Plan and execute promotional campaigns for all content released on Tarsier Music (e.g. songs, music videos, behind-the-scenes, etc.) Ensure smooth and strong relationship with artists and their management teams. Create a strong relationship with event producers, radio stations and TV shows for promotional reach. Ensure that content is available in all formats on all platforms (TV, Radio, Print and Online) prior to posting schedule. Coordinate with Star Music Ad Prom team to maximize synergy, efficiency timelines and effectiveness of content promotion across all platforms. Monitor existing campaigns, create analysis reports, propose adjustments to maximize effectiveness. Work closely with DMD for social listening reports on all campaigns. Advise adjustments in overall digital promotion strategy for Tarsier based on reports and feedback (i.e. specific geo-targeting based on content’s performance in difference regions, age/gender/socioeconomic adjustments, etc.) Assist in forecasting music market trends and keep oneself updated in order to be competitive in the market. Builds wide network of outsourced marketing/creative pool Identifies and develops promo plans for the album taking into consideration the target market and type of product. Ensures that the marketing and promotion plan is aligned with the approved template (cost, quality, scheduling) of the organization. Identify specialization and expertise of the outsourced marketing/creative pool Conduct troubleshooting and provides immediate solutions to marketing and promotion problems encountered (i.e. inadequate airplay, lack of tv exposure, lack of press releases) Coordinate with suppliers on all requirements prior to engagement in a project. Collate requirements, and facilitate accreditation or vendor-creation of non-accredited suppliers Prepare agreements and other requirements, and process payment of suppliers. Facilitate drafting, and follow-up contract requests from ABS-CBN Legal and Star Songs, Inc. Route documents in relation to promo campaigns (IE. DARF, TV Plugs Memo, etc.) Create reimbursement and liquidation reports for production and promotional projects Process reimbursements, cash advances and liquidations Performs other tasks may be assigned from time to time. Major Internal and/or External Contacts Internal – Star Music, DMD, Marketing External – Suppliers, vendors, record labels Work Environment Office environment REQUIREMENTS Has extensive experience/exposure for start-ups and syncing efforts across all platforms for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Has good oral and written communication skills Ability to work in a team fostered environment Ability to work in a multi-tasked environment Ability to prioritize and organize work Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE.

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