1. Implements food safety and quality policies and programs of the company.

2. Checking of personnel grooming and health declaration.

3. Inventory of packaging materials and stocks (pre-packed sugar).

4. Checking of customer’s P.O. and ensures sufficient inventory for each customer.

5. Monitors sugar repacking activities and ensures weight are within set standard.

6. Prepare summary of customers back orders.

7. Conducts random quality and safety inspection of all incoming deliveries of materials (food

items, packaging materials, cleaning chemicals) such as appearance, color, Brix, and other

related parameters for each item received. Ensures accuracy of product details, e.g.

production date, lot code, etc., in actual products and in attached documents.

8. Performs routine physical, chemical analysis, microbiological, whatever is applicable, of

received items and samples following written standard operating procedures using specified

laboratory equipment.

9. Prepares results of analysis conducted.

10. Records consumption of materials used in analysis and monitors/controls inventory of

reagents and laboratory materials.

11. Cleans and safe keeps laboratory glassware, apparatus and other laboratory materials.

12. Calibrates laboratory apparatus/equipment prior to use.

13. Conducts GMP/Sanitation audit on a set frequency.

14. Prepares Certificate of Analysis for in-house, customized and institutional products.

15. Receives product returns, evaluates back orders, and prepares reports of the items.

16. Ensures that the laboratory area is in sanitary condition and free from unnecessary things.

17. Accomplishes daily monitoring of products produced based on the set parameters and


18. Conducts monitoring of processing/repacking area temperature and humidity on a set


19. Randomly check in-process products quality, weight, and ensures these are within


20. Prepare products for retain sample, analysis, and sensory evaluation.

21. Ensures traceability of products and FIFO is followed from receiving up to distribution of food


22. Conduct daily test weigh of scales prior to use.

23. Check the accuracy of label declaration, production date, batch no., and expiry date of


24. Prepares QA product disposition of items for delivery.

25. Prepares report of non-conformities from receiving, in-line, and dispatch of products.

26. Prepares Incident Report to non-conforming employees.

27. Other task/s that may be assigned from time to time.


a. Behavioral/Attitude

Highly motivated, resistant to stress, flexible

Tactful, with good judgment

Possesses values of honesty and integrity

b. Experience

With at least 1 year of relevant experience.

c. Educational Background

Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology or any related course

d. Skills

Communication skills

Analytical skills

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