First off, can you answer this question? What is 29+3?

My company is hiring about 3-5 more appointment setters to add to our team. This job consist of making outbound and inbound calls for real estate. All training is provided by us. There is a 3-4 day onboarding session with my hiring manager. There are currently two time slots available. We currently have 3 time slots available for 1130am-3:30 pm eastern and we have 5 slots available for 3:30pm-7:30pm eastern time.

To apply for this job you must:
1. Be able to speak perfect English.
2. Real Estate experience is preferred, but it isn’t required .
3. Be a responsible individual and show up to work daily.
4. You have to be trainable!
5. Be a trustworthy person

If that sounds like you then apply for this position.

Please include your SKYPE and VOICE recording. You will not be considered for the position if you do not include your skype and voice recording.

Please answer the above question with ‘9’ to make sure you read thoroughly through this post.

Cristian F.




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