JOB OVERVIEW Please read the entire post and follow the instructions for a better chance to get the job. This is a Real Estate Junior Acquisition position with potential to GROW in the company. The person we’re going for must be highly motivated and able to work under minimal supervision. Along with that, they should be an open and honest person that likes to have fun and make a lot of money. We’re a company that takes it easy on our employees. We don’t mind if you want to watch Netflix or write to your friends on Facebook as long as you can still do your job and meet company goals. When you can meet goals you will be rewarded and treated well. The MAIN goal behind this job position is to generate leads (people who are interested in selling their property) and to qualify/disqualify those leads based on if they’re willing to sell their property at a discount or not. In order to do this you will have to do the following task: 1. Use the software/website that we provide to text clients to see if they’re interested in selling their property. 2. Reply and follow up with the clients who respond to us. 3. Use basic math to qualify and disqualify clients based on if they’re willing to sell the property at a discount or not. 4. Set phone appointments and/or call anyone interested in selling their property. 5. Keep track of the data like how many texts sent, texts delivered, responses, etc. 6. FIND and keep track of the discounted properties 7. Lead management within Microsoft Excel 8. Work Monday – Friday 12PM – 7PM Eastern Standard Time. Follow the instructions below for a possible interview. If you do not follow these instructions, your application will be ignored. 1. Create a video NO longer than 90 seconds long explaining why you want this job and why it will be a good fit for you. Upload it to your YouTube channel and send the video to my email at please keep in mind I can’t watch the video if it’s private. 2. Put this keyword in the subject line of that email: ROCKSTAR 3. Only send me one email total and in that email I also need you to tell me what you do in your free time. SKILL SUMMARY Professional Services Real Estate Services Marketing & Sales Lead Generation English Speaking
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