JOB OVERVIEW We are currently searching for a Sales Proposal Writer who is dedicated to researching, writing, and organizing marketing proposals for our sales department. Additional duties may include reviewing products or services, creating persuasive explanations of services, working with graphic designers, and presenting proposals. The ideal candidate will have excellent written English skills and experience with persuasive writing for sales. A proposal in terms of this position is a document requested by a large client that elaborates on our abilities to successfully handle a specific project. The process for the majority of this position’s workload is as follows: -check for Request for Proposals (RFPs) in a portal provided by the client -review the guidelines for the RFP -put together a proposal document in accordance with the guidelines -fill in the document using our prewritten content from past proposals -create new content as needed -review the proposal to make sure we have covered all of the parameters requested. -submit the proposal by due date Job Responsibilities: Preparing proposals by determining concept, gathering and formatting information, writing drafts, and obtaining approvals. Determining the proposal concept by identifying and clarifying opportunities and needs, studying requests for proposals (RFPs), and attending strategy meetings. Collating all RFP sections by the deadline by establishing priorities and target dates for information gathering, writing, review, approval, and transmittal. Gathering proposal information from the guidelines on each RFP that is being worked on. Developing proposals by assembling information including project nature, objectives/outcomes/deliverables, implementation, methods, timetable, staffing, budget, standards of performance, and evaluation. Preparing presentations by evaluating text, graphics, and binding and coordinating printing. Obtaining approvals by reviewing the proposal with the CEO or sales executive. Improving proposal-writing results by evaluating and re-designing processes, approach, coordination, and boilerplate. Job Requirements: Experience in Journalism, Media, or related field Minimum of 1-year experience in sales writing and prospect research Someone with strong analytical skills and autonomy. Someone who can spearhead and get the job done with little to no supervision unless needed SKILL SUMMARY Marketing & Sales Writing

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