Job description

  • Graduated from an accredited college with a minimum of three years practical experience in retail and customer service specialization.
  • An outstanding supervisory experience.
  • Prior experience in utilization of computer programs such as MS outlook and MS office.
  • Demonstration of positive team player spirit and cooperative sales skills within the organization.
  • Conversant with all retail principles, which is needed to process sales operations precisely at events and in the store.
  • Ability to direct and be a mentor on the sales ground by actively working to attain everyday sales objectives.


**Job Description:**

  • Endeavor to establish an outstanding working relationship with service providers in designated fields.
  • Bargain or support bargaining with key essential service so as to enhance the cost structure.
  • Prepares annual, quarterly and monthly update accounts on current opponents or business possibilities.
  • Work together with colleagues from other departments to improve efficiency and overall service delivery.
  • Give prompt reports on crucial issues to direct senior officers, suggest answers where obtainable.
  • Supervise essential key account possibilities.
  • Make propositions, give suggestions and designate sales targets and job obligations to each sales staff.
  • Appraise performance of staff, give suggestions, reward or award punishment and offer proposals on dismissal of personnel where applicable.
  • Recommend hiring additional staff and make required resources available to accomplishing target objectives and goals.
  • Solicit for other job duties needing attention to enhance service and improve customers’ contentment to a reasonable extent.
  • Take part in interview of candidates while supporting decision making to hire successful applicants.
  • Offer inspiration and training of internal sales personnel on how to attain business sales objectives.
  • Assist team managers to intensify sales via training on sales methods.
  • Generate action plans to enhance performance and productive capacity of under performing personnel.

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