As an EL 2 Senior Director in the Assurance Audit Services Group, under the broad guidance of the Executive Director, you would: Lead and manage a work area responsible for large, complex, high risk and strategically important audit services; Assist with the strategic management of the work area and the development of strategic solutions; Formulate business and operational plans for the work area; Provide significant professional and technical advice; Contribute significantly to the setting and achievement of organisational objectives; Manage client relationships; and Motivate, guide and ensure professional development of staff. The work is characterised by: A high level of autonomy and responsibility; Tasks that generally have a high level of complexity; Decision making within legislative frameworks and consistent with internal operating policies and procedures; A significant management and supervisory component; Close professional relationships with Committees of Parliament, Audit Committees, client agency management and other stakeholders including community interest groups; and Representation at senior levels on behalf of the ANAO. The key duties of the position include: In this role, your primary responsibilities would include: Lead and manage a work area responsible for large, complex, high risk and strategically important audit services including: High level planning, investigation and report writing; Project management; Strategic resource management; Exercise quality control and a high level of professional and technical expertise; Issue audit opinions for less complex and lower risk financial statement audits; Develop strategic solutions for the Service Group and make a significant contribution to the achievement of corporate objectives; Formulate business/operational/work plans; Represent the ANAO and individual assignment products to external bodies; and Manage staff undertaking specific assignments, review performance and provide performance assessment and feedback.

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