JOB OVERVIEW We’re seeking an articulate & experienced digital agency digital strategist who knows Google Ads, Facebook & LinkedIn Ads inside out. You like the idea of working from home (or anywhere) and but can bring A grade skills to our award-winning agency. You will be responsible for implementing strategy (with my help), managing the technical side, and upselling your clients on our other services. Right now our problem is this, too much of the Managing Directors time (me) is taken up managing the projects after selling them in. We have a good team, but we’re at a point where we need an account manager taking control of all these projects so that Josh (me) can focus on selling and scaling the company. We do excellent work across: – High converting landing pages & websites (lots of psychology & best practice) – A/B testing with Google Optimise – Google Adwords – Facebook Advertising – Remarketing What we need is an account manager/project manager who can take responsibility with the client. You’ll need excellent communication and storytelling skills, as most of the account management is communication. You must love talking with clients, want to give them regular updates, and think about how to become an essential part of their business. You’ll also have to be highly responsive, able to work very flexible hours (get back to customers quickly) and be comfortable giving very detailed instructions to our staff. We are a team of 14 spread across the world. All excellent at what they do, but they need a central manager directing and double-checking everything. Special Instruction: To see if you are actually reading this, please start your custom reply with “The sky is blue” anyone missing this will automatically be deleted. We need attention to detail in this role, not generic applications. Fear not, the role will come with full training. I’ll be holding your hand and overseeing everything you do until you are 100% comfortable. Then you’ll be free to manage the clients yourself, driving exceptional outcomes and delivering wonderful results. However, to be clear, you must be: – Excellent technically in Google, Facebook & LinkedIn ads – Excellent at diving into Google Analytics – Fluent English (spoken & written) – Able to work autonomously and in a team – Love to talk We are looking for someone that wants a career. Someone who really wants to be part of a team, and feel like they are truly respected and valued. This is not a job ad seeking any old person, we are looking for truly exceptional candidates who will fit our team culture. If you are still reading, and feel your communication skills, storytelling ability and digital marketing experience are up to the task, then lets chat. We look forward to hearing from you, Joshua Managing Director p.s You can download a copy of my eBook ‘The Digital Marketing Playbook’ at This will give you an idea of how we look at digital marketing from a psychological point of view. SKILL SUMMARY Advertising Google AdWords Facebook Ads Marketing & Sales SEM

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