JOB OVERVIEW We are an Australian Ecommerce Seller looking for a Virtual Assistant (Part-time) – Product Research, Sourcing & Copywriting. General Requirements: – The assistant must be familiar with Dropshipping – Shopify. – Can create clear and coherent product descriptions – Familiar with AliExpress – Familiar with competitor research, keyword analysis & creating listings on Shopify To Apply for the job: 1. At the top of your message write 2-3 sentences on why you would like this position, and why you are a good fit. 2. Mention the word “blue” in your application to confirm that you have read this. 3. Under that put the answers to the following questions and include the numbers to make it easy to read. *1) Describe your experience in being a Virtual Assistance *2) Describe one of the top online businesses that you have managed. *3) Describe your past experience with product research, what is one of the best products you found and help to sell? *4) Which part of this job are you most experienced in? *5) Do you have any other experience that will make you perfect for the job? *6) Do you have any experience in Amazon Marketing PPC, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, IG Influencers, or any other S. Media Marketing? *7) Would you be able to handle more hours in the future and also manage customer service? Other Requirements: (Add Yes on each requirement if you meet that requirement. A Computer -> -Must have a working computer Highly reliable Internet connection with a backup source -> High- speed internet connection Chrome web browser Must complete 15 hours/week (part-time) Must meet deadlines 100% of the time Must keep us updated on your progress and on any difficulties you might have English – written 100% fluent. This role is currently PART TIME but can be FULL TIME in the near future. JOB PAY -Starting USD $3-4 / hr depending on skillset -Pay on the 1st and 15th of every month -Subject to a bonus after 6 months -Paid training available if you want to expand your skillset -Work from home and on your own schedule (must complete 15hrs/week for initial part-time work – An excel time-sheet, google time-sheet, or use of Asana or job software report) WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE FUTURE – Increased hourly pay after 6 months – Increase from part time to full time – Will train future VA’s – Be apart of a growing e-commerce business Apply Here: SKILL SUMMARY Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant) Data Entry English Writing Writing Copywriting

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