JOB OVERVIEW I run a Shopify store selling personalized wall scrabble tiles. I want it so the customer can type in their family member names one by one, click arrange, and have it display as a crossword on my product image. I want this functionality to be similar to how this website below works. rhnuk://ezgwhefibthcmbhgf.ixh/ Currently my product images are a grid just like how it looks on the website above. I am looking for someone who can add a feature so the names overlay on the product image and fits within the grid, like the website above. This is my main task that I want accomplished. If we can get this far then there will be some small details added for this task. Please respond if this is a task that you would be able to help me with. Thanks πŸ™‚ SKILL SUMMARY Web Development Shopify Software Development / Programming

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