JOB OVERVIEW I have a shopify website but do not have time to upload and create all the content myself. I primarily sell on depop and eBay. I want somebody who is experienced with shopify and/or building websites from scratch. I want all my listings from depop and eBay transferring over to my shopify website and a website creating from scratch, I can give you the information to put on the pages ie about us, return policy etc. I’d like the worker to be creative and make me an aesthetically good site with good eye catching content, once up and running id like the website maintained as I add items daily to depop and eBay. I’d like help with Seo and I’d like to link the site to my Instagram in able to promote it. I’d like help promoting the site through social media ads. If the site does well through your hard work there will be BONUSES! Pay is $2/hour. Hours are flexible but I’d like 10 hours a week over 4/5 going into making/maintaining the site, helping with Seo, helping with social media marketing etc -what experience do you have? -have you made sites before? If yes please send -what makes you stand out from others? -what days are you available to work? -how long would it take you to make a website from scratch? -tell me a little about yourself? Thanks in advance SKILL SUMMARY Web Development Marketing & Sales Classified Ads Marketing Advertising Instagram Ads

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