JOB OVERVIEW SOCIAL MEDIA JOB SPEC Looking for an experienced social media consultant a for a new platform due to launch in a few weeks. I am looking for someone who will be able to create relevant content that will keep track of what is happening currently. The businesses is a platform for black businesses to showcase their products and services which is being marketed to a global audience. The site has a marketplace to sell products, a directory to list service businesses and job sites. I’m looking for someone who has experience with: – Developing social media strategy Facebook Ads Growing twitter followings Growing Instagram following Experience with Content calendars & management sites – hootsuite Managing Responses Incorporating videos and blogs You will be responsible for creating relevant and interesting content, videos etc to ensure customers remain engaged and growing followers. I will need examples of social media sites that have grown significantly and references will be requested. Role will be full time on a trial basis SKILL SUMMARY Marketing & Sales Social Media Marketing Facebook Marketing Instagram Marketing

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