JOB OVERVIEW UGURUS is adding a Social Media VA to the team! In our efforts to constantly provide a top-of-the-charts brand, UGURUS has made our social media presence and the relationship-building it provides a high priority. The Social Media VA will be committed to creating nurturing content across 3 social media platforms using video and content both new and repurposed content. We are very excited to add this crucial position to our team and get this person up and running as quickly as possible. Here is a more detailed breakdown for the position: Total time per week ~15 hours Outcomes: -Edit individual videos for 3 social media platforms to provide the main points: -YouTube -Facebook -Instagram -Pull content from the videos with the main points and create posts to create dialog and interaction -Determine what the action item should be made and connect to the appropriate marketing funnel Skills: -Video Editing -Content creation -Social media expertise -The rules for each platform -The specifications for each platform -Understanding marketing funnels helpful -Copywriting for social media -Graphic design This is a virtual, work-from-home position. You should have a dedicated workspace that provides a quiet environment for uninterrupted work time. SKILL SUMMARY Marketing & Sales Social Media Marketing Graphics & Multimedia Video Editing Writing Copywriting

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