JOB OVERVIEW Hello. I need a reliable designer: – at least online once a day for questions – with a Skype account – good speaking english – experience in T-Shirt designing (working with vector files, trademarks) – use of only commercial free fonts – use of only commercial free vectors and you always have to modify them! optional: do you have experience with Please answer me that question in your application Your task is creating T-Shirt designs by drawing from scratch or modification of vector / source files. I need the link of the source file! Otherwise I will give you the things you need, such as the niche, slogans, google drive space etc. — No other material is allowed without my permission (freepick, adobe stock, shutterstock, pixabay, google images etc). I am thinking about 5 – 10 designs a week. Payment via Paypal. 2 USD per design. Please only contact me, if you fulfil all my needs ! Please also attach a portfolio. Part time working possible SKILL SUMMARY Graphics & Multimedia Shirt Design Print Design English Speaking

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