Coordinate day-to-day activities of the team and supervises tasks, roles and responsibilities of the team.


a) Provides supervision and direction to subordinate staff and coordinates work flow

b) Assigns staff to cover for absences;

c) Answers questions, and resolves problems within the work unit supervised;

d) Supervises the development and implementation of training programs within the work unit supervised;

e) Serves as a liaison between the work unit and other offices/departments for the distribution and collection of information and to resolve operational issues;

f) Trains staff in the use of the _________(project name) network troubleshooting and management and attends meetings;

g) Reviews work performance, motivates subordinates to work more effectively, identifying problems with performance and solutions to those problems, determining training needs to improve performance, initiating informal measures to correct misconduct or making recommendations for formal discipline;

h) Regularly monitors the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of completion of the duties for the team supervised;

i) Supervises the maintenance of personnel records and time sheets for staff supervised;

j) Coordinates time off requests to ensure adequate coverage;

k) Compiles weekly schedule so to ensure contingency within the project;

l) May serve as the back-up to the Project Manager if required;

m) Participates and/or conducts performance evaluations on subordinated staff;

n) Ensures the most efficient and effective learning process;

o) Delivers effective procedure / process updates / reminders in due time, both in writing and orally;

p) Deals with day to day operational changes/instructions;

q) Coordinates day-to-day activities;

r) Reports on the overall performance of the team and suggest possible areas of improvement;

s) Supervises tasks, roles and responsibilities of the team;

t) Supervises staff schedules, processes, and communication;

u) Reports to the Project Manager on a daily basis;

v) Designs course materials and other documents such as manuals and exercises, according to current procedures and business demands;

w) Timely and accurate reporting of training output / outcome;

x) Following ISO standards on keeping and updating requested records;

y) Organizes updates / reminders / meetings to meet the needs of learners and demands of business. Quality Assurance Duties

a) Assisting the _________(project name) customers as well as his/her teammates according to current procedures and customer request;

b) Verifying, correcting, completing the monitoring of the call flow process and performance of the Customer Service Analysts within the department;

c) Researching and / or modifying specific fields according to current procedures and customer request;

d) Correcting, completing, providing feedback to agents after completion of monthly audits; reporting defectives after audit in maximum 24 hours from reporting;

e) Completion of all requested assignments within the specified deadlines and procedures;

f) Following assignment priority as requested;

g) Following assignment instructions accordingly;

h) Using appropriate tools in order to complete work, as indicated;

i) Keeping up-to-date on latest versions of the procedures / appropriate tools;

j) Assimilating and effectively using latest versions of the procedures / appropriate tools;

k) Serving as a Customer Service Analyst within the project;

l) Daily reporting of individual activities / figures to relevant stakeholders: Project Manager; daily reporting over SLA parameters;

m) Monthly reporting of overall activities and set SLA parameters. AD HOC DUTIES As requested by the Line Manager to perform reasonable ad hoc duties within the Job Holder’s capabilities.



a) Excellent leadership and problem solving skills;

b) Exceptional written and oral communication skills;

c) Works well under pressure (work time sensitive);

d) Progressive thinker (looking to improve on existing processes);

e) Easily adaptable to new circumstances, technologies and procedures;

f) Possesses initiative and follow through;

g) Self starter, initiative taker;

h) Very accurate, focusing on quality;

i) Willingness to learn;

) Willingness to get involved in the details;

k) Can-do attitude;

l) Good team player, willing to share information and mentor others and foster a positive team environment;

m) Exceptional interpersonal skills and outgoing, demonstrative personality;

n) Demonstrated experience of training skills and the ability to operate;

o) Ability to work without continuous supervision and coaching.


• University degree or equivalent through experience Desirable

• IT background and specialization KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE Essential

• Good understanding and working practice of Customer Service- Helpdesk Support;

• Good knowledge of Composer Workplace: field matrix, idiom rules, workflow;

• Excellent computer: proficient in Networking; OP’s Vista, XP, MAC management;

• Up-to-date on latest versions of the procedures, usage of appropriate tools;

• Proven quality-driven performance.


background requirements

o education

§ mandatory: College level or graduate

§ optional: Master’s Degree, Post Graduate Studies, Doctorate Degree

o experience

§ mandatory: at least 1-year TM/support experience

§ optional: Contact Center, back office support, inbound/outbound voice or non-voice account, chat support, email support

personality / competency requirements

§ mandatory:

v passionate about social media apps and trends; savvy in today’s social networking & collaboration technologies; able to make quick decisions coupled with good judgement; able to work with sensitive and potentially offensive content (images/photos, videos, texts); a) Attention to details, accuracy and result orientation;

v Students or part time students not to be considered for recruitment. They lack flexibility of schedule at the level required by activity.

v Not involved in other activities or group that will affect their flexibility in schedule (i.e. own business, church activities, club activities)

v Do not have any pending application from either private or government sector (could be a potential attrition)

v Not involved in any romantic relationship within the project

v Applicants with pending results from licensure examinations are not to be considered. They are red flag for attrition.

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