Join a prominent Los Angeles-based technology consulting firm in this exciting opportunity to learn and grow! For over 31 years, we have serviced the “movers and shakers” of Hollywood, among other industries, to provide the technology resources who are shaping the future of tomorrow.

Job Description:

Technical Recruitment is all about building a personal network of specialists. Your daily activities to achieve this goal will include contacting candidates within that network regarding specific job offers, screening those candidates for their fit for a job, and helping candidates through the overall process of achieving employment with potential employers. The vast majority of a Recruiter’s job is spent talking with people – whether that is candidates, clients, superiors, or subordinates; thus, communication is the most crucial element for success.

A Recruiter needs to be very organized in their daily work habits and be able to schedule follow-ups at appropriate points in time. By its very nature, the position of a Technical Recruiter is a long-term position, and our goal is to retain successful talent for many years.

The following qualities make for the most successful Technical Recruiters:

  • An outgoing character that likes to verbally communicate with many people each and every work day
  • A diligent, hard-working, organized attitude towards accomplishing all tasks in a given day
  • A passion for all things related to technology


Job Requirements:

  1. Fluent English communication, both written and verbal. The rest of the skills can be taught.
  2. A working computer with minimum system requirements to run a remote desktop client and Skype video calling at the same time
  3. Adequate computer internet bandwidth to stream a Skype call to a high degree of quality
  4. A quiet work environment where you can perform your daily tasks without outside interruption
  5. 1-3 (or more) years of agency recruitment experience in technical domains, preferably within Information Technology and Data Science (nice to have, and will result in a higher base salary)

Training & Mentoring:

It is not necessary to have any relevant experience either with respect to Recruiting or Technology prior to working with us, although we are also looking to hire experienced Recruiters as well.

We have a long-term approach towards this position, and are prepared to make a considerable investment in each and every Recruiter we hire. The initial Training Period will consist of multiple weeks of intensive Recruitment and Technology (IT & Data Science) training, structured in the form of Lesson Plans and Tasks which are created for each day. Mentoring will then continue on an ongoing basis, gradually less as the Recruiter becomes more comfortable in their daily role.

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