Job Description SDET Jade-Blade Technician Laguna, Philippines PHO Manufacturing Excellence HGST Philippines Corp JR-0000053557 Western Digital® The next big thing in data is you! We are looking to hire a highly-skilled Electronics Repair Technician to perform all repair, installation, and maintenance duties required to support and sustain the development line. The Repair Technician’s responsibilities include responding to concerns of tool problems, testing the functioning of newly-installed tool/testers and adjusting as needed, and informing customers of future maintenance work that may be required. You should also be able to refer to work instruction manuals to resolve difficult problems.To be successful as a Repair Technician, you should keep abreast of the latest technologies and developments in electronics testers. Ultimately, an outstanding Repair Technician should be able to demonstrate excellent diagnostic and problem-solving skills as well as achieve exceptional customer service. EESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: One of the main roles of an electronic technician is to test and repair various electronic systems or tester. They run tests or fault diagnostics on equipment to locate and address a problem, order parts if needed, and replace or repair parts. This could include reassembling circuit boards, motor components, or other structures within a system.Electronic technicians set up and run initial tests on new electronic systems or equipment. This includes creating prototypes, identifying and avoiding potential issues, and calibrating equipment as needed. They will follow wiring diagrams, drawings, and schematics to ensure that all systems are installed correctly.Upgrading software and running software tests on existing electronic systems are important tasks for electronic technicians. This responsibility includes maintaining detailed records of validity tests and upgrades performed.Electronic technicians perform routine, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance on electronic equipment to avoid issues and potential down time. They keep a log of what maintenance tasks were completed on what dates and when certain tasks should be performed again in the future.From upgrades to preventive maintenance schedules, electronic technicians keep logs and reports that outline tests run, parts used, repairs completed, and troubleshooting steps followed. They will regularly update manuals for electronic equipment and maintain parts inventory reports.Analyzes and interprets test data.Recommends changes in circuitry or installation specifications to simplify assembly and maintenance.Perform other duties as assigned. Qualifications: REQUIRED: Bachelor’s degree in related Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Technology. Minimum 2 years of recent experience working in an area of their specialty or related field. Advanced skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, with working knowledge of Publisher and MS Project PREFERRED: With Previous experience related Electronic industry. HDD related experience is advantage.Fresh Graduates are also encourage to apply this position. SKILLS: Computer-minded individuals with an attention to detail and who love working with their hands can make successful electronic technicians. In addition to a two-year degree, employers seek professionals who possess the following abilities: Mechanical Skills – From reading wiring diagrams and schematics to using soldering equipment, electronic technicians possess a mechanical aptitudeComputer Proficiency – Familiarity with Windows and Microsoft Office applications, software installation, and programming is essential for this position Problem-Solving – It often takes several steps to diagnose a problem with an electronic component, so these technicians are versed in how to identify and provide solutions to electronic equipment issues and breakdowns Communication Skills – From submitting various reports to speaking with engineers, project managers, programmers and other technicians, strong oral and written communication skills are crucial Eye-hand Coordination – As they often work with small parts, such as circuits and wires, electronic technicians possess proficient eye-hand coordination to repair and install these components Organizational Skills – From keeping testing equipment in good working condition to maintaining accurate records and manuals,electronic technicians exhibit above-average organizational skills ABOUT WESTERN DIGITAL The future. It’s on you. You & Western Digital. We’ve been storing the world’s data for more than 50 years. Once, it was the most important thing we could do for data. Now we’re helping the world capture, preserve, access and transform data in a way only we can. The most game-changing companies, consumers, professionals, and governments come to us for the technologies and solutions they need to capture, preserve, access, and transform their data. But we can’t do it alone. Today’s exceptional data challenges require your exceptional skills. It’s You & Us. Together, we’re the next big thing in data. Western Digital® data-centric solutions are found under the G-Technology™, HGST, SanDisk®, Tegile™, Upthere™, and WD® brands.

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