JOB OVERVIEW Hello, You will be uploading Designs to merch by Amazon on a daily basis and using Merchinformer to research keywords for designs. The right individual MUST: *Have excellent writing skills *Understand American culture and how to write to the American customer *Be able to think of keywords on your own *Be able to come up with shirt design using etsyrank and Merchinformer *Used Google Docs and Google Drive *Familiar with Google Chrome extensions such as Merch Lister, Merch Research, Amazon DS Quick View *Have a LastPass account already The budget for the job right now is $2/hour for 20 hrs a week to start. When not uploading designs you will be researching trends and popular T-shirts. Payment will be trough remittly. If you are willing to learn but you don’t have all the skills, you will still be considered. Apply today! SKILL SUMMARY Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant) Personal Assistant Research English Writing Writing Creative Writing Web Content Writing

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