JOB OVERVIEW Virtual assistants Senior video developer/editor for a medical science YouTube Channel JOB OVERVIEW – We are looking for a video content manager that can find free and inexpensive (legal/white hat) video clips to help use make our points. We have a growing medical science YouTube channel/social media presence. We have a growing global medical practice and educational company. We are looking for a Senior Video Content Developer Job duties will consist of: 1. Understand the points Dr. Brewer is making in raw video files; 2. do research on YouTube and other locations to find clips ( like news clips and others) that help illustrate the point. Similar channel styles are MotivationalDoc with Alan Mandell and What I’ve Learned YouTube channals. 3. Our Channel is YouTube Ford Brewer PrevMed. You can also find it at 4. Recognizing our current video editing level, 5. describe for us the best next opportunities for improvement in video quality 6. understand and direct us in how to tell a story, attract and retain eyeballs to the channel; 7. understand the importance of titles, and create appropriate titles; 8. understand the importance of thumbnails and create them; 9. manage a team of creatives too get the best video/title/thumbnail product for our team; 10. manage high level YTLive production? 11. understand a develop appropraite video production schedules and advise us on efficient batched production? 12. develop and maintain appropriate YT channel growth by being a key driver of the channel creative and analytics process??? Desired skills include:? 1. Excellent English Speaking/Writing skills;? 2. ability to recognize opportunities to improve video editing quality? 3. ability to supervise others in getting editing work done ?4. a strong work ethic? 5. ability to work with people, manage some creatives, work with other management? 6. Premier Pro and G-Suite Experience (preferred) ?7. PowerPoint Experience 8. Prior Sales Experience (preferred)? 9. Marketing Experience w/Click Funnels (preferred)???We are looking for full-time help. Hours are Monday – Friday 9-5 pm ET US Time.? We pay weekly for 2 months, then monthly. We’ll need an invoice from you. We’ll gladly pay holidays, 13th month, & bonuses when the company reaches good landmarks. SKILL SUMMARY English Speaking Writing Technical Writing Advertising Scientific advertising

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