JOB OVERVIEW American YouTuber (7 figure business) needs a video editor. Must know either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Bonus if you know After Effects ABOUT ME: REQUIREMENTS: – Must be able to edit one or two YouTube videos a day – Fast Internet to download/upload videos to Google Drive – Must complete 40 hours each week using Time Doctor app WHAT WE PROVIDE: – Starting pay 50,000/month salary – Pay on the 1st and 15th of every month – 1 week bonus pay upon hiring – Two weeks paid vacation each year – National holidays off, paid – 13th month bonus (starting in December 2020) – 10% raise each year (On anniversary date) – Flexible hours – Choose your hours – Work from home – Paid training if you want to increase your skills WHAT YOU PROVIDE – Must have your own working computer – Must have high speed internet – Must have video editing software of your choice (preferably Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere) – 40 hours of work each week – Must be willing to learn and take assignments – Must perform some virtual assistant duties – Must communicate through Slack and Asana apps – Must perform well as a team – Must meet deadlines 100% of the time HOW TO APPLY Message me with video samples and >SkypeID for possible interview. SKILL SUMMARY Graphics & Multimedia Video Editing

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