JOB OVERVIEW We are not just looking for a Virtual Assistant to just fill a job. This position is a stepping stone to joining a cutting edge digital marketing agency & media company. As you review the description, we welcome any questions you may have about the position or our team. The position will start at 5 – 10 hours per week and gradually increase to 30 hours per week over a 30 day period as we train you. All possibilities for raises based upon work performance. This posting is for an audition. We will be selecting 3 – 5 candidates to hire for a test project. After seeing your work, we’ll choose who to bring on to the team. Strong English grammar is the only “requirement” for this position (we can train you on everything else). Position Overview Your role will be writing YouTube video descriptions for every video posted to our channel. Each week we produce 3 to 5 videos on digital marketing, business building, and productivity. You will be given a video outline, target keyword, similar videos, and the video. It will be your job to take that information and produce: + Video Description ( 500 words) + Video Tags List + Hashtags + First Comment + Blog Post The requirements of each are listed below: + Video Description Using a keyword phrase tool I will provide you will write a 500 word description for each video posted to the channel. The tool will provide you with words, phrases, and sentences that are related to the video. Using the phrases provided by the tool & the video outline you’ll string them together to create a description. This will require you to have a solid understanding of English and basic grammar skills. The primary purpose of this description to to help the video rank in YouTube search by including as many relevant keyword phrases as possible. You will be provided with multiple training videos on exactly how to do this. No previous experience is required; just a solid understanding of the English language. + Video Tags YouTube allows every video to have up to 500 characters of tags. These tags are keyword phrases that tell YouTube what the videos is about. Using the video keyword along with tools provided for you, you will do tag research to help determine what tags should be used for the video. + Additional Social Platforms While this job is primarily about YouTube SEO writing, you may be asked to post videos and blog posts. We do have other projects such as Facebook post content & YouTube/Pinterest thumbnail design work that needs to be done on a weekly basis. If either of those interest you, please let me know in your proposal. +Blog Post Create a blog post using the videos transcript and graphic assets. WordPress or SEO experience is not required. You bring your writing skills and we’ll train on the rest. Qualities Needed To Be Successful Skills are something that can be learned and perfected over time. As corny as it sounds, there are 3 qualities that we am looking for: Integrity, Commitment and Desire to Learn. Integrity. You are a good fit if you can be honest with your fellow team members. Open communication and honesty are paramount to myself and the team. If you aren’t able to hit a deadline or made a mistake, be upfront about it, we are all human after all. Commitment. We’ve had freelancers for one project and others for over 6 years. We are looking for someone who is looking for a long term relationship with the expectations that this will become full time. If your just looking for a few months of work, this is not for you. Desire to Learn. We are a small team, but growing fast. We want people who are open to learning new skills and taking on new projects. If your not excited about improving your skills and trying other writing outside of YouTube descriptions; this is not for you. If this sounds like you, please apply below and I will personally read your application, work samples and answer any questions you may have (seriously, the more questions the better!). In your proposal please start the first line with “purple elephant” so that I know you actually read the complete job description. Thank you for your time! – Jason SKILL SUMMARY Writing Blogging Marketing & Sales SEO Social Media Marketing

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